Healthy Christmas Snacks

Updated: Jul 6

Your little ones will love these!

Christmas Tree Sandwiches

These Christmas trees are made with wholemeal sandwich thins cut into Christmas tree shapes using a sharp knife. They have cream cheese in the middle. One has chopped cherry tomatoes on top and the other chopped cucumber. The star is a banana slice!  The tree stump is a smear of peanut butter. Yummy!

Apple Snowman 

These snowmen are made by overlapping three slices of apple. The hat is some red apple skin. The scarf is shaved carrot and the nose the tip of a carrot. Raisins are used for the buttons and mouth and the eyes are small blueberries. The snowdrops are pieces of Cheddar Cheese!

Strawberry Santa Hats and Melon Stars

These Santa hats are strawberries with banana slices at the bottom and a small Marshmallow on top. The stars are cantaloupe melon.

Christmas Pudding

These Christmas puddings are basically an oatcake topped with a thin layer of chocolate spread, the icing is a smear of cream cheese and the cranberries are just tiny bits of strawberry with the stalks on top (we didn’t have any cranberries; fresh or dried, but if you have these even better!

Santa’s Face

These Santa faces are oatcakes again but this time covered with peanut butter. Strawberry is used for the hat, nose and mouth, raisins for the eyes and mini Marshmallows for the cheeks and hat top!

Fruit Rockets

These can also be made for other celebrations such as new years! Long cocktail sticks are threaded with alternate grapes (remember to cut these length ways for little ones) and blueberries and topped with a strawberry. Silver ribbon was tied to the end!

Happy Christmas and happy healthy snacking!




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