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Tailored Individual Advice (1 2 1); face to face or via video consultation

Teeny Weaning offers individual tailored food, nutrition and healthy eating advice, as well as menu planning to families. Get in touch with Sarah for more information.


You will receive a detailed pre-consultation questionnaire and a 3-day food diary if appropriate to fill out prior to the consultation. The food diary will be analysed using nutritional analysis software and report sent, along with other useful resources and an agreed plan after the consultation. Follow-up appointments are also offered, which can be hugely beneficial to monitor and track progress, Follow-up is advised for fussy eaters as there may be a small subgroup in which the behaviour becomes persistent and the identification of these early on is critical.

At present due to covid-19 all consultations are video consultations which work really well


Support for Childcare Providers and Early Years Settings

Childcare settings can play an important part in helping establish healthy, lifelong eating habits in children.

Therefore it is essential that childcare settings understand the nutrition needs of children and cater for these, as well as providing positive eating environments.

Teeny Weaning offers workshops for carers and staff from nurseries and any other early years childcare providers on baby (weaning) and toddler nutrition and fussy eating.

So if you are a nanny, childminder, nursery or pre-school get in touch with Sarah for more information.




At Teeny Weaning we are experienced at interpreting and translating complex scientific research into simple language for a variety of audiences. We also have experience in writing educational nutrition resources on healthy eating during pregnancy, weaning and the early years


Sarah’s previously published articles and resources:


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Get in touch with Sarah to see how we can help you and we will take you through our fee structure.

Fees are in line with guidelines produced by the Freelance Dietitians Group of the British Dietetic Association.