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Expert in weaning & fussy eating
 Workshops, webinars & 1 2 1 packages

Hi, I'm Sarah 

 ...helping you on your baby's weaning journey or with your little fussy eater...

You are about to start the exciting journey
of weaning your baby but you are so
confused by all the conflicting information
out there.

I get it I've been there!


Even with all my experience as a nutritionist and dietitian I've found the internet to be crowded with conflicting advice and I've become fed up with this! 

So after having my first baby I took all my knowledge and expertise and did a weaning workshop to my mummy NCT friends and set up Teeny Weaning. In the same year I wrote my first article for NCT magazine - I set about changing all this confusion and noise!

I look at the evidence and use my experience, I have 2 gorgeous girls of my own, to bring you simple, no-nonsense, straightforward advice.

I'm trustworthy. I'm a registered dietitian and dietitians are the only nutrition professionals whose advice is governed by law.


I understand the many issues that can arise too. One of my babies refused finger foods until she was 11 months, no matter how often I offered them and she suffered badly with constipation (we had to see a consultant and have blood tests for suspected allergies).  My other baby could be a fussy little thing often refusing meals I had prepared- grhhhh, so fustrating and can be worrying I know!

I've fifteen years of experience as a dietitian since training in the NHS.  I've worked as a specialist infant dietitian in the baby food industry and as a nutrition scientist too.  I'm now a freelance dietitian specialising in early years nutrition.


Teeny Weaning provides trustworthy, up-to-date and balanced advice on early years nutrition including weaning, toddler nutrition, fussy eating, constipation and allergy.


Teeny Weaning offers group workshops, webinars and tailored individual advice. I can do this all online - contact me now and let me help you!


Teeny Weaning also offers menu planning, support for nurseries and early years settings and writing services for different audiences from scientific articles for professional publications to educational resources. Find out more about Teeny Weaning's Services.


I'm registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) (governed by law) and am a member of the British Dietetic Association (BDA) and the BDA Freelance and BDA Paediatric specialist groups. 

Find out more about Sarah

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Our Workshops 

Weaning Workshop

Toddler Nutrition Workshop

Fussy Eating Workshops


Sarah’s session was excellent, very professional, very thorough and informative.

Gemma, Mum to Eleanor

I would recommend Sarah’s weaning workshop. It was a very valuable course. It’s so much easier learning in person. All the information was really useful. I knew very little before and feel I learnt a lot. I have come away feeling confident about moving forward with weaning, when I felt clueless before!

Helen, Mum to Katherine

I enjoyed that your workshop was so relaxed and that you have recently weaned your baby too!